David Brown

Makeup Artist Special Effects London, UK

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After studying costume design and construction I began my creative career in theatre in wardrobe management which naturally allowed me to expand and use my design and sewing skills. I progressed into the fashion industry being lucky enough to work for Levi, Alexander McQueen and Orsola De Castro (Estethica) designing and making collections and one off pieces for events.

I began toying with special effects makeup as I liked the processes involved, this opened a pandoras box of goodies from which i've not looked back. I worked tirelessly to develop my knowledge and skills in prosthetics and have been very lucky to work with kind a dedicated people who continue to prove it is a wonderful industry to work in. I am proficient in prosthetic manufacturing processes from start to finish but I am of the opinion that there is always more to learn and new or old ways of doing things that I am not aware of yet, so I keep working and searching and asking and find the more I learn the more I love it.

Prosthetics and costume design are both firmly in my heart and they never fail to challenge me, I am a natural problem solver so being in two industries where you have to think on your feet and be creative suits me down to the ground.


BBC ITV Channel 4 English National Opera Pinewood Studios Shepperton Studios


Special Effects Makeup Creature Creation Fabrication Costume Design


Prosthetic Makeup Application Life Casting Mould Making Sculpture Silicone Painting Seaming/Finishing Art Finishing Fabrication Corsetry Photoshop Hair Punching Wig Dressing Wig Knotting Millinery Conception Design