Costume Design and Construction

Levi Strauss - Denim kimono with japanese silk corset

House of Hell - Torturer Design (Ghostly)

House of Hell - Torturer Design (Monstrous)

House of Hell - Torturer Design (Pain)

House of Hell - Torturer Design (Fantasy)

The Snow Queen - Close up for hair and makeup

The Snow Queen - Woolen kimono and corset

Tubby Telly – Yonderland Series 3

Elfina – Yonderland Series 3

Villager – Yonderland Series 3

Beaver Character Costume

Dog Character Costume

Elephant Character Costume

Recycle Man Character Costume

Underlings – Yonderland Series 3

Elf – Yonderland Series 3


As I have a natural flare for costume I found myself creating one off pieces for the fashion industry as well as special collections usually for charity or ethical organisations.
Levi’s commissioned me to produce a piece to be auctioned for the charity TRAID at an event in Brick Lane, London. The kimono was made from vintage denim donated from Levi, the corset from vintage Japanese silk donated from TRAID.

Preliminary designs and moodboards for ‘The House of Hell’ horror feature film based on four moods Ghostly, Monstrous, Pain and Fantasy. The designs are for the character of the torturer seen through the filter of each mood hence changing the persona of the character.

An adapted kimono for The Snow Queen made of ice wool and domette lining with a matching corset. The hair is the models own which I styled and applied the makeup.

Costumes cut and constructed for several theatre productions.


Costume Design, Costume Construction